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Top 10 Worst Ingredients In Food
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Do you read the labeling on the food products when you do your shopping? Do you check the ingredients of what goes into your body? Many people don’t do so, and it’s a pity as they don’...
Why Not Join The Islamic Email Circle?
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A Reality Check- Quraan v Whatsapp Status.
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Think and reflect....
Want to Lose Weight Fast? Try Parsley Tea.
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Its Sunnah to keep fit and look after this body Allah swt has given us. Many women struggle with being overweight but don’t have time to exercise. Ramiza Turzimehich is a woman who w...
Read this as much as often for Success
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Read this as much as you can Translation: Allah is greatest of All. Glory & praise is for Allah. Purity be described of Allah in the Morning and Evening”...
What IS causing you to increase Weight?
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Researchers believe that emulsifiers in food could be making people put on weight and are increasing rates of conditions like diabetes, colitis and Crohn’s disease. Emulsifiers - both n...