The Pious Barber

The Pious Barber
اللہ کے رسول (sal Allahu alaihi wa sallam) انہوں نے کہا کہ: “For the one whose concern is this world Allah will scatter his affair, and place poverty between his two eyes. And he will not get from the world except what is written for him. And for the one whose intention is the hereafter Allah will gather for him his affair and place contentment in his heart, and the world will come to him willingly.” [Ibn Majah, Sahih al-Jami]

Abu Ja’far al-Hadad related that during a stay in Makkah his hair had grown long but he could not afford to get it cut. So he went to a barber who seemed to be a good man and asked him to cut his hair for the sake of Allah. The barber glanced at his messy hair and invited him forward. He trimmed away the locks up to the ears. Once he had finished he reached over and handed Abu Ja’far some Dirhams saying, ‘Take it. You’ll need it.’
Abu Ja’far was reluctant but the barber insisted. So Abu Ja’far took it on the condition that he would return the whole amount at the first opportunity. He then thanked him and left

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