• Strengthen Your Imaan CD

    Strengthen Your Imaan CD

    A must to get. Strengthen Your Imaan is for those who want to listen to mini lectures to help them uplift their Imaan to a new level.

    Listen to these breathtaking lectures in your car whilst travelling, or the room and help your Imaan rise towards a new level insha'Allah

    A combination of 12 Mini lectures on 1 CD to help improve on your Imaan and to give you that inner peace that you have been looking for.

    Feel lost? Imaan is dipping? You need this

    Only £4.50 ( including P & P)

    Part contribution towards MA GIRLS SCHOOL, full painting and tiling still required for the building

    MA Girls School is a purpose made building helping the poor and needy kids in a village in Pakistan to learn the beautiful words of the Quraan and Islamic Studies.

    Contribute towards Sadqa Jariya for the hereafter...

    More pictures and video of the school found on our facebook page :



    transposh_can_translate: صحيح
    المنتج في المخزون

    السعر: £4.50

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