Missing the Salah intentionally?

A woman came to Prophet Moosaa and said: “I have committed a grave sin, please pray to Allāh that he forgives me.”
Prophet Moosaa inquired as to what she had done.

She replied: “I committed adultery and later gave birth to a boy that I killed.”
He replied: “Go away you wicked woman! There can be none worse than you!”
The woman then left broken hearted.

Angel Jibrīl then descended and asked: “O’ Moosaa, why have you turned away a repenting woman? Have you not found anyone worse than her?”
Prophet Moosaa asked: “Who can be worse than her?”

Angel Jibrīl replied: “The one who abandons Ṣalāh intentionally and frequently.”

● [Al-Kabā’ir by Imām Dhahābī, Book of Missing Ṣalāh

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