स्क्रीन savers
Last 3 Chapters Of Quraan Screensaver
This screen saver contains both arabic image and english translations of the last three chapters (Surahs) of the Holy Quran. Requires to be 'unzipped'
Night View Of Prophet Pbuh Mosque Screensaver.
NIGHT VIEW OF PROPHET PBUH MOSQUE SCREENSAVER- MashAllah, Night Screensaver of the Prophet pbuh Mosque..3D !
Allahs Names Screensaver
Allahs Names Screensaver
Mosques Around The World Screensaver Paintings
Masjid Al Haraam 3D Screensaver
Masjid AlHaraam 3D Screensaver
Madinah Screensaver
Madinah has the collection of beautiful pictures of Masjid-e-Nabawi. Naat will be played continuously in the background of the Screen Saver. Audio Enable/Disable option is available
सप्ताह के ayah
Sahih अंतर्राष्ट्रीय

सभी प्रशंसा अल्लाह की वजह से है , दुनिया के भगवान –