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A Presence, a Serenity. | (0) Comments
A Presence, a Serenity. Standing there in the blowing wind, watching the colors on the horizon, and the rippling, met...
My Allah, My Life | (1) Comments
My Allah, My Life by Zeba Bukhari This earth, this duniya, is a drop of a sea The final destination, The ...
The Tears Never Did Stop | (1) Comments
THE TEARS NEVER DID STOP by Shazah Sabuhi This Poem is about Masjid Ul'Haram where Muslims travel to from arou...
Oh How I wish! | (0) Comments
Oh! How I wish! by Bint Abdullah Oh! How I wish I could have seen, the Greatest Hero there has ever been. As h...
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I’m Too Busy | (0) Comments
I'm Too Busy Everyday as i wake up at dawn My mind start working the moment i yawn There were many things to do, ...
Palestinian am I | (0) Comments
Palestinian am I By Edna Yaghi No one can take away from me My identity, For it is mine. Palestinian am I...
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