The extra Nafl Prayer- Its now or never.

The ‘extra’ nafl – its now or never.”

I came back from a long game of football. It was shattering! (As I have hit my 30’s something and not as fit as i was back in my early 20’s).

I had a well-deserved shower, to finally slump myself on the sofa with a glass of chilled milk! The tv was powered on and then the azaaan was aired from the Azaan clock.


Time for Isha salah.

I still had 1hour left before Jamaat at my local mosque was to commence.

I departed in time for the Isha salah. I felt tired still, my body slightly aching from the high powered football match which I engaged in earlier.

I sat in the Musjid, offered my 4 Sunnah and awaited for the jamaat to begin. Standing shoulder to shoulder, next to my brothers in Islam, listening to the beautiful recitation of the Quraan being aired around the mosque.

It was peace. 🙂 Alhumdulilah… Take away all the burden of this duniya, with the salah, standing in awe and obedience to the Creator… “Relax”.

After the fardh salah,I had time to complete the rest of the salah. The 3 witr was offered and then, I thought,:


 “I need to get home, I am shattered”.


I lifted myself off the ground,  noticing some of the brothers  offering their salah, they slowly knelt down on their arms and knees: I noticed one particular brother, his time on Sajdah was rather long and he was almost ‘paused’ in this beautiful position during Salah.

I stared and observed. SubhnaAllah. I too should offer my extra 2 nafl salah prayer before I leave. Why not.?  

And here is why.


Just a few weeks ago, I was in the ICU at hospital, watching my young cousin, only 39 years of age, dying of cancer,  taking his last few breaths, for his soul to leave the body… may He be in Jannah (Ameen)

We will all taste death. It’s guaranteed. Ofcourse it is. And how fortunate we will be, to be in a bed or hospital to die in dignity.

However, I do respect and acknowledge something very emotional and important. And, I want you too to understand.

It is this:

When we are going to be in that death bed, we will be trying to do as much ibadah as we can, most probably in the form of ‘zkir’ and offering salah on the bed (if possible).

However, that chance, the beautiful opportunity, of lowering ourself down to sajdah, our head on the ground, in the beautiful position of Sajdah, will no longer be available. Our minds and thoughts will be traced back to our younger years where we had that amazing opportunity to get down on our hands and knees , to make duaa to Allah swt, when we were fit and able. Now, it’s too late.

Simply too late.


Time has gone. Our life will flash by us. That’s the harsh reality.

As these thoughts were clear in my mind, I returned back to my position of stand, and offered another 2 nafl prayer to my Creator. These are golden opportunities in my whatever youthful years I have left and I need to take benefit of these years.

It’s now or never. 

Another extra 2 nafl will only take a few more minutes of my ‘precious’ time. This time and energy I always seem to find when it comes to making money and striving for luxuries.

The real luxury is the Akhirah, waterfalls and beautiful rewards .. and yeah, I want a beautiful hoor insha’Allah.. Why not? This is the promise of Allah.. and He knows best.


My message to you all, fit and able, young, old and able. If you have the ability to walk, to run, and can move easily, do offer as many extra nafl throughout the day. It only takes a few extra minutes.

Anything extra we can do for ourselves for the Creator, our Akhirah, and protection in the grave is something we need to invest in today. Now. It all adds up.

You must offer your 5 Salah , and, where possible, do offer extra nafl prayers…. there will come a time and day, when you are on the death bed.. It will be too late.

No further chance or opportunity to lower yourself in Sajdah, your hands and knees on the ground, to Allah swt to make a heartfelt duaa and ask for Forgiveness… your soul is about to leave your body. Ya Allah.


Offer your extra nafl salah please.. Not for me. But for yourself.


Death is coming, it’s guaranteed to all of us.



And Allah swt knows best.

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