She married him for his Deen. (A True Story)

 She married Him for HIs Deen.  ( A True Story)
A practising sister , university educated, working as Pharmacist, would always on Jummah , after finishing work, go to her favourite local hot food halal food take away to buy food as the food was fresh & tasty.
There was a young practising brother working there, and he would always serve the sister . Over time the sister saw how he would be moving his lips (engaging in Zikr ) whilst working. Over a year, the brother also admired the sisters way of talking & hijab and covering herself .

He took the bold step one day and said , “Forgive me , but are you engaged or married ?”.

She said : “No”.

The following week when she came in , he gave her a note which was written :

“Forgive me for the sake of Allah swt, I ask you to marry me. I would like to marry you for your deen- I would like to come to your parents’ home with my parents to propose”.

The sister replied:
“JazakAllahkher -I will put your proposal to my parents “.

As soon as her parents found out he was not as educated as their  educated daughter they dismissed it.


The parents were not having it.

The sister became upset and thought although the brother was not degree educated, his wealth was his deen and his love of Allah swt & he would be an amazing father for their future children . 
She wasn’t interested in status or money for she had firm trust in Allah who provides and can increase/decrease wealth at His discretion.

She spent months and months  persuading her parents, it led on to a couple of years.
Her parents showed her other proposals,  but there was something about the brother that made her acknowledge in her heart that he would be amazing father and would bring a joy of deen into the home.

She kept making dua to Allah swt & did istikharah . Her parents were solid in dismissing the brothers pure proposal .

They introduced her to another brother & she caved in. She said to her parents :

“I am doing this for you because I love you, but I am not happy.”

The parents decided on a date for the engagement & decided to wait for a few months. They saw how sad and quiet their daughter had become.
They decided to see the brother who their daughter thought was a better choice.

 They went to the hot food take away to see this young man without telling their Daughter. 
When they saw him making the chips, he had his iPod speakers on and they could see him engaging in Zikr . The parents ordered the food. 

He was very polite , courteous and said to them :

“Uncle , never seen you come here. It’s a pleasure to have your company. If you ever need any help in the house , DIY, maintenance work , please tell me , I would be honoured to help you & auntie out. Auntie reminds me of my own mum masha’Allah , soft spoken masha’Allah’.

The parents went home and saw their daughters sad face as she served them tea. She  had become  very quiet.

The parents discussed and realised their mistake. They should have given the boy a chance before making any decisions. That was their mistake , because after meeting the young man , they saw what their daughter saw, a humble ummatti of the Prophet pbuh who had love for Allah swt & His final messenger.

The parents told their Daughter of the good news and accepted the proposal . 

SubhanAllah .

Today , the couple have 2 boys and 1 girl, Alhumdulilah , the couple are in their 30’s and the brother no longer works in the hot food take away.

He is mash’Allah the owner of 2 busy coffee shops.

Allahu Akbar ….

May He guide us all…


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