Roll only 5 Beads throughout the Day- Just 5 on your Tasbeeh

Reading Darood shareef is very important. And, you have to start off somewhere.

This is the action plan please, read carefully, look at the picture and understand.

Get a tasbeeh.

After each Salah, or , anytime during the day, roll at least 5 beads from the Tasbeeh & read Darood shareef.  START OFF WITH ONLY 5 beads. The magic number is ‘5’ and make it fixed to 5.

Make it absolute compulsion you will do it without fail. It could be after each salah or even any time during the day in the car, public transport or at office desk.

When rolling each bead, FEEL each bead properly, almost like a confirmation and therefore read the Darood shareef. Make sure you pause a few seconds to get a good feel of each bead and then read Darood shareef.


Let’s just stick by reading 5 beads a day, throughout the day. Start with a simple very easy target of ONLY 5 beads a day.

**Keep the number ‘5’ in your head and roll 5 beads throughout the day, feeling each and every tasbeeh and reading the Darood shareef.


And, hoping, by the end of the day, you will have read at least over 30 darood shareef in a day.


Now, if you stick to this action plan, keep the number 5 in your mind, a very easy target, feeling each bead properly, reading the Darood shareef,  accumulating over 30 times a day, for at least just ONE week..


I can promise you one thing:

The week after, you will roll more and want to read more darood shareef and insha’Allah your heart and soul will be ever so content, that Darood shareef will be so peaceful to your heart, that you can’t live without reciting it, you will read a lot more during the day and it will become part of your daily life.  (inha’Allah)


Start off with the magic number of 5 throughout the day. 


Start small and scale fast.



One thought on “Roll only 5 Beads throughout the Day- Just 5 on your Tasbeeh

  1. Rakiya M. Usman

    Assalamu alaikum,

    Kindly explain what dua “Darood shareef” is.

    Please remember that many of us who subscribe to the Islamic Email Circle come from different nationalities. It would help greatly if the Arabic words (transliteration, as well) are used for various duas that we are recommended to recite.

    May Allah reward your efforts. Ameen.


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