A Test From Allah swt Upon Me Today

“A Test From Allah Swt Upon Me Today”
The following is a true narration from a brother who told me the story today , in Glasgow, UK.
The incident took place on 05/11/2014, at a McDonalds carpark in Glasgow, Scotland, at approx. 9am….

I was travelling to work, feeling still not fully awake on this cold winters morning. From a distance, I could see the McDonalds sign, I knew I had to stop for a quick burst of caffeine before I got to work. It was cold and I was shattered!
I entered the McDonalds drive thru in Pollokshaws Rd, Glasgow, ordered a delicious Toffee Latte and sat in the car park, the warmth of the car heater giving me comfort as I whisked the sugar in my latte.
I looked out the window, it was a dry morning, but tremendously cold! Scotland I thought! Sigh! Winter here we come 🙂
Then, a man came to my passenger door and knocked on the window. Who is he and what does he want? Does he need help or something? This guy was dressed in a heavy winter jacket and beanie hat, a middle aged gentleman, white skinned. I opened the window slightly using the electric control, he immediately said, “Hello, are you interested in an Apple Mac laptop, brand new, unopened and an Iphone 6?”
I replied, “Emm.. how much ?”
He said, “£280 for the laptop and £200 for the iPhone 6”

I was shocked! Why so cheap? As I was about to further enquire, he quickly said, “Give me 2 minutes, my car is parked there, let me show you”
He returned to my car with his large sports bag and sat in the front seat. He took out a state of the art laptop, it was clean, looked brand new and very smart. There was also 2 iPhone 6’s, 64GB.
I said to him, “Are you sure these are not stolen? I mean £280 for an Apple Mac laptop, and £200 for a 64GB iPhone 6! Why sell so cheap, when you can sell them for much more on eBay or Gumtree?”
He replied, “Look, they are not stolen, I assure you. I got them on my credit card, but I have decided that I overspent. I rather get the cash right now, I need some cash flow”
I once again glanced at the goods. The shaitaan was there. The shaitaan whispered to me,
“Wow, check out these goods. An Apple Mac for £280? You have never had an Apple Mac, it’s always been Windows! And the latest iPhone 64GB for £200? What a deal! “

The temptation was kicking in. The shaitaan was working very hard in his careless whispers.
The shaitaan then kicked in once again for Round 2. He said to me,

“Even if you don’t keep them, sell them and make the fastest profit you can ever made. Cost £480, market value of £1650. Net Profit £1,170. Wow! £1,170 profit! Go for it, what are you waiting for, Are you mad?”
Here I sat and was ever so tempted. The seller then said, “Look, how much have you got, if you give me the cash right now, can do a final deal of £400. The choice is yours”.

I looked at him and then at the goods. ‘Temptation’. The goods were indeed brand new and where would I ever get such a deal.
Then I looked at the goods again. I felt sad. I felt scared. What the hell was I thinking?.
I go to the musjid daily, I lower my head to my Creator, my head in Sajdah, the lowest a person can get to Allah swt, I have been through so many difficult times, testing times, I asked Allah swt for so much help during the Ramadhan that just passed, I repented so much and now today, what the hell was I thinking.?
The arrow of the shaitaan was on target. I was about to fall into his trap. I was ever so close to engaging the deal and taking the wrath of Allah swts anger.
I knew this was ever wrong. I knew the goods were stolen. It was a very clear basic instinct that this guy was a thief. This guy’s desperation to make some quick cash on stolen goods was ever so evident.
Who was I trying to kid? Why was I looking for false reassurance by asking him if the goods were stolen or not. Ofcourse they were and I was simply trying to give myself reassurance that I wasn’t doing anything wrong.
I was buying stolen goods. I was party to it and it was fact. Accept it dude. It was haram and the consequences would have been fatal for me in the long run.
I felt broken. Why did I even entertain this guy and how could I let the shaitaan overcome my desires? Why?
My level of Imaan started to increase as I used my knowledge of Islam to get out of this tempting deal. I remembered the beautiful famous hadith:

Imams Bukhari and Muslim reported that the Messenger sallallahu `alayhi wa sallam said:
“Three persons of a people before you, were on a journey when they were overtaken by a storm and therefore they took shelter in a cave. A rock slipped down from the mountain and blocked the exit from cave.
One of them said: “The only way for deliverance left is to beseech Allah in the name of some virtuous deed.”
Thereupon one of them supplicated, “O Lord, my parents were very old, I used to offer them their nightly drink of milk before my children and the other members of the family. One day I went astray far away in search of green trees and could return only after my parent had gone to sleep. When I had milked the animals and brought their nightly drink to them, They were fast asleep, but I did not like to disturb them, nor would give any part of the milk to my children and other members of the family till after my parents had their drink. Thus, with the vessel in hand, I awaited their awakening till the flush of dawn, While the children cried out of hunger at my feet. When they woke up, they had their drink. O Lord, if I did this thing seeking only your pleasure, then do relieve us of the distress wrought upon us by this rock.” Thereupon, The rock moved a little but that not enough to let them pass out.
Then the second man supplicated: “O Lord, I had a cousin whom I loved her more passionately than any loves a woman. I tried to seduce her but she would have none of me, till in a season of great hardship due to famine, she approached me (for help) and I gave her one hundred and twenty Dinars on condition that she would have sexual intercourse with me. She agreed, and when we got together and I was just going to have intercourse with her, she pleaded: ‘Fear Allah, and do not break the seal unlawfully’; whereupon I moved away from her, despite the fact that I desired her most passionately; and I let her keep the money I had given her. O Lord, if I did this thing seeking only your pleasure, then do move the distress in which we find ourselves.” Again the rock moved a little but not enough to let them pass out.
Then the third supplicated: “O Lord, I hired some laborers and paid them their dues, but one of them left leaving behind what was due to him. I invested it in business and the business prospered greatly.” After a time the laborer came Back and said: ‘O servant of Allah, hand over to me my wages.’ I said to him: ‘All that you see is yours – camels, cattle, goats and slaves.’ He said: ‘Don’t play joke with me, O servant of Allah.’ I assured him: ‘I am mot joking.’ So he took all of it sparing nothing. O Lord, If I did this seeking only for your pleasure, do relieve us of our distress.”
The rock then moved away, and all the three came out of the cave safe and sound.
(Sahih Bukhari and Sahih Muslim )
Thank Allah swt that I remembered this hadith. It made a big impact on helping me to reject the offer and tell the guy that I didn’t have enough cash and perhaps next time. I thought of the 3 people in the cave where they did something for the sake of Allah swt and how Allah swt then helped them in a difficult time.
I have been through a lot of trials in life. Some really painful experiences. I took advantage of this test from Allah swt and feared His Wrath. I thought in my mind,
“Oh Allah, I was tempted in this deal, but due to your fear, and knowing these goods are stolen, I won’t purchase them. But oh Allah swt, I did purely for your sake, please help me in my future, my life and help me become a better person. Please do not put any further trials in my life. Oh Allah swt I ask you”

I then left and travelled along the roads of Glasgow. I was deep in thought and I had no clue where I was travelling. Ya Allah, thank you for helping me to get out of that situation. I thank you. Those were stolen goods. I just knew they were. If I had taken them, perhaps I would have had temporary duniya satisfaction, but in the long term, I would have faced more terrible trials and tribulations that would give me more pain. I have had enough of pain and trials. I want peace and a bright future of success insha’Allah.

I thought of the people who I have known, some people who engaged in wrongful dealings, people who did credit card scams, drove the amazing flashy cars, had the best of clothes.. but it was temporary. I remember a brother who was engaged in haram activities, he had a new car every few months and was ever so proud in the temporary glamour given to him. Yes, it was temporary. Today that brother has been slumped down on the pavement, fallen down badly, he has lost everything and drives around in a very old car that is worth about £700 compared to the cars he used to drive, costing over the £50k mark. The wrath of Allah swt finally comes, it’s not long. It’s just a matter of time.

Don’t be a fool. Don’t let the shaitaan win.

As I drove my car around the streets of Glasgow, saddened and just in deep thought, I took out my tasbeeh and rolled it slowly. I did zikr of Allah swt. I thanked Him for everything He has given me, I am a thousands times better than a poor man sitting in a mud house with no food.
(Verily, in the remembrance of Allah do hearts find rest.)
(Qur’an 13: 28)

I cant thank Allah swt enough for what He has given me. Why was I about to wash away all my efforts during the recent Ramadhan of Ibadah where the Imam cried during the last 10days of Ramadhan and made a duaa to Allah swt:
“Oh Allah I have repented, please accept my repentance, I promise to change for the future and will not engage in any wrongful acitivies”

I wish to serve this true story you all, the reader of this posting. Please don’t be a fool like I was about to be today. I would have got temporary satisfaction, but , the long term consequences of getting involved in haram activities would have detrimental to my future and ofcourse to any of my duaas being accepted…

It’s simply not worth it, it simply isn’t.
If your duaas are not being accepted, something is wrong. Ask yourself what you are doing wrong that your duaas are not being accepted. And please, look deep in your heart. For only you know the true answer and no one else.
Repent today.. life is too short…..



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