A Presence, a Serenity.

A Presence, a Serenity.

Standing there in the blowing wind,
watching the colors on the horizon,
and the rippling, metallic silver waters,
I felt so alone.
As I watched the palm trees sway with the wind,
and the radiant sun dip into the golden land,
I felt so alone.
As I watched the angel-white seagulls
soar majestically over the darkening horizon,
and the rhythmic rolls of the waves,
I felt so alone.

As I lifted my face
to the rosy sky,
a tear made its way down my cheek.
I closed my eyes,
trying to hold back the pain.
“Oh, my Lord.” I whispered.

I had no one to wipe my tears,
no one to whisper softly into my ear:
“It’s going to be OK.”,
no one to take the pain away,
no one to heal my wound.

I opened my eyes suddenly
because I felt someone’s presence.
But I could see no one around me.

Someone was there,
because I could feel
a bright and bold Presence.

It was a reassuring thought,
a Remedy for my cuts,
a deep Serenity,
that chased my fears away,
a radiant Sun
that brightened my soul.

I closed my eyes again,
but this time, it was to savor this feeling.
A smile played upon my lips,
as realization dawned upon me.

I would never feel alone again.
As long as I remained righteous.
For the Presence I felt
was the presence of Him.
My Lord, The Merciful,
The Almighty Allah.

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