12 Reminders for Ramadhan in the Mosque

12 Ramadhan reminders for the Mosque


1.            Wear light clothing, its summer, it’s gonna be hot!


2.            If wearing trousers, wear a belt with a padlock on it to keep your trousers up! It’s NOT ALLOWED to show your butt line when lowering down in Sujud.




3.            Better to wear a Jooba or traditional Shalwar Kameez to keep safe.


4.            Leave a water bottle in the freezer 3 hours before Taraweeh starts, to help keep you refreshed every few rakaats. Chilled Water, the quench that takes away thirst.




5.            Move forward immediately when the person in front leaves the prayer line. If you are directly behind someone who has moved away, move forward. Why do we spend so much time in inviting others next to us to move forward when it’s your obligation to move forward!


6.            Quit gazing in trance, try and remain focused, listen with contentment to the Quraan being recited. Silent the mobile phone, get rid of any krazy ring tones and put on silent. We must remain focused, not be interrupted by an Akon ringtone. Sigh….




7.            Grow up.  Quit parking your brand new flashy Merc on the pavement directly in front of the musjid, or block others, just because you are too lazy to find a parking space or you need the world to see the alloys on the Merc.   Get over it.   It’s a car.  That’s all.  A car.    We worship Allah, not your car. Thank you.


8.            If bringing kids, make sure they are not wearing heavy hoodies! Is summer everyone! Light clothing for these wee souls please! And please, a polite reminder to them, that they are not coming to play hide & seek in the musjid or play tig! If they do get tired, sit nicely in the corner and take a rest. But not to run around in the car park and cause havoc, noise and nuisance to non-Muslims who are probably trying to sleep at midnight.



9.            Make the best of these 30days, read the Quraan, engage in Zikr and ask Allah swt for forgiveness… don’t make it a burden, do it because you mean it and want Jannah.




10.          Wear nice Ittar please, it’s good to smell nice and fresh. And put on some deodorant too ! .



11.          When the Imaan says “AllahuAkbar” to pronounce the Salah has started, that means you raise your hands and engage with your salah in congregation. It does not mean you continue talking to the dude next to you for a few minutes, because you need to discuss about Eid arrangements and post Eid dinner and cinema times! And forget what she said in University or college, she is not your priority, Allah is.



12.          Come back home and relax. Forget Eastenders and Coronation Street. Forget Starplus. Forget Cinema.  Its 30days to get closer to Allah. It’s time for Ibadah and worship. There are many who were with us last Ramadhan but not here with us this Ramadhan…This could be our last Ramadhan.



And Allah swt knows best.

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