About us
We are a team of professionals who are based in the UK and Saudi Arabia.
The Management of The Islamic Email Circle © are:
  • Javed Riaz – London, UK
  • Mohammad Athiqur Rahaman- Dammam, Saudia Arabia
  • Nassar Yousuf- Glasgow, UK
  • Dr Saif Hussain- Edinburgh, UK

If you wish to contact the Management, please email :

  • Background
  • The Islamic Email Circle © was set up in May 2000, Alhumdulilah, in Glasgow, United Kingdom. The website was originally set up as www.islam4ever.net and was known as islam4ever. On November 1st 2010, the website domain name was changed to the www.theislamicemailcircle.com.Today, it is a well known name throughout the world as “The Islamic Email Circle “.Alhumdulilah.

    The success of The Islamic Email Circle has been first and foremost been a favour from Allah swt and secondly by the Muslim Ummah who are on as Members and continue to send authentic Hadith and excellent Islamic articles.

    • Our objectives
    • The Islamic Email Circle simply sends 2 emails per week, One Hadith on Monday and one general Islamic article on Friday inshAllah.
      Our Aim is to educate Muslims throughout the World on the teachings of the Quraan & Sunnah. Our belief is quite simple, :” There is No god but Allah swt, He is One, and that the Prophet Muhammad Sallahu Alayhi Wa AliyiWasalam is Allahs Final Messenger”

      The Quraan & Sunnah are complete and we seek guidance from Allah swt to lead us on the right path and save us from the torment of the grave.

      All Muslims, reverts, are invited to join The Islamic Email Circle to learn about the Quraan and Sunnah.
      All articles are checked by Management in Saudi Arabia who have strong links with learned professionals and scholars, Alhumdulilah.

      All Members who send material for us to be distributed are encouraged to give the source of the article and the website from which they took the article from.
      May Allah swt reward everyone for their contributions in making The Islamic Email Circle successful and may Allah swt reward the writers of all articles who do so for the pleasure of Allah swt.
      Please feel free to give us new ideas for the website

      The email website distribution is : http://groups.yahoo.com/group/islam4ever-net/

      We use the above Yahoo E-group website to send emails to all Members. You can add your email to the above website or you can email us directly on :

      UK Members email : UK@theislamicemailcircle.com
      International Members email : intl@theislamicemailcircle.com